El puerto de gallineras san fernando diario d cadiz

Municipalities of Cadiz

Formerly, the fishermen of La Isla had “their particular dock that way” where they disembarked the fish that would supply the city. The fishermen of the alleys with their boats and transport of baskets and wheelbarrows, came daily to look for the sustenance of the families.

In these surroundings are installed several sales and restaurants with a good menu of fish, seafood and other typical products of the area, which have earned him – and credited – the name of “Ribera del Pescado”.

This familiar and typical restaurant of the island is located on the Gallineras wharf. In the old days, some summer dinners here or in the Titi, with a mackerel or a gilt-head bream on the plate after the obligatory fried variety and clams, an iced bonbon for dessert and then to run around on the stones with the consequent risk of falling off the rocks?

Good grilled choco (I advise to ask for it “dirty” and not “clean”), the skewer of grouper and prawns a little “monotonous” and roasted peppers with the same seafood of the skewer and shrimp omelettes without highlighting but at its point. Regarding the price and as it seems that everyone here has jumped on the euro train and the high restoration, we reached 40 euros (those were the days when you could eat in Gallineras for 1,000 pesetas per head).

  Gallinero segunda mano cadiz

El puerto de santa maría

The Councillor for Development, Infrastructure and Planning, Marifrán Carazo, has announced that in the coming weeks two works will be tendered which, once executed, will be “a boost for the nautical activity in the area”: the renovation and expansion of the dock that gives access to the floating pontoons of the Yacht Club Gallineras and the construction of a new building to be able to install companies or services related to the nautical-sporting activity.

On the other hand, about 300,000 euros are reserved to erect a new building in which companies or services related to the nautical-sports activity can be installed, since the previous project that was carried out in the port involved the demolition of existing buildings due to the poor condition in which they were.

These two projected interventions are in addition to the works of redevelopment of the port space that was carried out during 2019. These works, which have substantially improved access to the port, consisted of the construction of a promenade, a dry marina, a viewpoint and pedestrian and cycling spaces.

  Gallinero segunda mano cadiz

San fernando, cádiz

The action, which is 80 percent financed by the European Regional Development Funds (Feder), aims to act on the existing platform and the access walkway to the marina. This structure presents an important structural deterioration due to the continuous advance of corrosion, which has reduced its use. Once the works are completed, access to the pontoons of the nautical facilities will be completely safe and operational.

The access structure to the pontoons consists of a walkway five meters wide and 182 meters long that ends at the platform that gives access to them, with an area of almost 490 square meters (17×28.8 meters). The 12 existing lighting fixtures on the deck will also be replaced.

The repair has taken into account environmental precautions so as not to affect the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park. In fact, the chosen proposal generates much less waste and consumes less materials and energy than the alternative of demolishing the existing structure and building a new one.

  Gallinero segunda mano cadiz

Cadiz province

… I ride my bike through the urban forests, along ruined roads and asphalted streets and I always stop next to a river to watch the evening go to bed and with the night the first stars get lost in the water.

The first stretch is along a track that runs parallel to the railway track. Here the passage of motorized vehicles is prohibited except those authorized. This path is part of the Metropolitan Cycling Route Cadiz – Chiclana de la Frontera, included in the Andalusian Bicycle Plan.

We continue along Calle Real, where in the near future the streetcar will pass. On the information panels we can see that one of the cycle paths runs through here, but on the road we do not see any lines painted on the ground.

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